she has a framed photo of herself walking through her door


she has a framed photo of herself walking through her door

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Put it this way: I haven’t worked with Misha Collins yet, but I INTEND TO
John Barrowman, at the Phoenix Comic Con 2014 [x] (via cakeyhankerson)

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William Arthur “Bill” Weasley and Fleur Isabelle Delacour

Married August 1, 1997

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it’s 2014 and having a valid and logical argument with your parents is still “talking back”

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what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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Kristen is tired of shitty girl power movies

#people say she doesn’t show emotions#but who cares about emotions#she shows herself#shouldn’t that be good enough for anyone?

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Can I say this bit made me so happy?  Because I know there’s been debate about wanting prankster!Marceline vesus serious!Marceline, and it was cool to see this episode have a bit of both!  

I also think this is just proof that there’s a piece of her human side/heritage that will never really leave her, and that’s adorable imo

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waiting for the tumblr video player to load


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i find it so incredibly attractive when someone is really good at something, like you can play the violin? damn son. you’re a really talented dj? good for you! i don’t care if you talk to me about quantum physics for an hour straight if i can see the passion in you at some point in that hour i’ll think “whoa, this is really hot.” 

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